121gamers Rules and Regulation!

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The following are 121gamers Rules and Regulations.


These are to be followed and will be strictly enforced.


Rule 1: 121gamers, Honor, Respect


These are the three tenants that are to be lived by whether it be in the game, or in real life.


Trust: To be honest to your fellow teammates. Never deceiving and always believing a 121gamers member above all others. We are not just a clan, we are a family.


Honor: To always harbor good feelings and uplifting behavior towards each other. We are here to bring you up, not take you down.


Respect: To accept your fellow members for who they are and abide by their personal rules. If someone doesn’t want to be treated a certain way then respect him/her and don’t do it.


REMEMBER: The 121gamers symbol stands for equality from top to bottom.


Rule 2: No Racism


The race, creed or religion of a 121gamers member shall not be the topic of jokes, cruel remarks or insults. Disrespect of any kind over race, creed or religion is an automatic suspension.


Rule 3: No Lying or Cheating 


Honesty is pretty self-explanatory. Don’t do or say anything that even comes close to be considered as lying or cheating in game or in the forums.


Rule 4: No Sexism 


The gender of a 121gamers member shall not be the topic of jokes, cruel remarks or insults. Disrespect of any kind over gender is an automatic suspension.


Rule 5: No Disrespect towards leaders 


This is a major NO NO. If you disrespect an appointed high ranking Officer of 121gamers, you will be dealt with in a manner more severe than a normal rule breaking. Possible termination and banning.


Rule 6: Gamer Tags


If you wish to change your name on your console you must notify leadership so that we can change your name in the team roster. Excessive name changes will not be tolerated.


Rule 7: In game Clan Tags


All members of 121gamers are REQUIRED to wear the 121gamers clan tag at all times in game. Most games allow for four characters at the beginning of the gamer tag and 121gamers all caps will be the standard. Furthermore, all 121gamers clan members are REQUIRED to list www.Facebook.com/121gamer in their profile bio on XBOX. This is so that it makes it easier to identify the many members of 121gamers outside of the game.


Rule 8: Abusive Language 


Everyone cusses in game, especially when they get screwed over by some stupid latency issue or some noob or hacker. It’s understandable to drop the occasional f-bomb. There are other words that are also considered foul language that are used quite loosely among the gamer community. 121gamers leadership would like to expect its members to rise above the common gamer not just in skill, but also in attitude and maturity. Therefore, excessive foul or abusive language will NOT be tolerated, either in game or anywhere 121gamers is associated.


Rule 9: Rage Quitting


Rage Quitting is expressly prohibited. If you leave in the middle of the game because your mad at it, mad at someone, mad at a hacker, or mad in general, unless it has to do with PERSONAL life such as wife, kids, puking your guts out, or anything equally or more serious, then you are a rage quitter.


Rule 10: Social Media


While being a member of 121gamers, you will follow, like or subscribe to all 121gamers social media sites. You will promote 121gamers and try to get more followers for the clan. If you are on Xbox One you will have a Twitch account and broadcast whenever possible. We are not only a clan but also a brand and promotion is key to our success.


Rule 11: Recruiting


Recruiting for 121gamers is done by everyone, but only the leadership can invite recruits to the clan. Whomever recruited the new member will be their mentor and show and tell them how 121gamers works and what they need to do to stay a member.


121gamers Law:




1 Rule Break:


Verbal Warning


2 Rule Breaks:


Suspension. Meaning, not allowed to play or converse with 121gamers for the time allotted by the present leader. If you do try to force your way into playing or even conversing with other members, you will be removed from 121gamers.


3 Rule Breaks:


121gamers Leadership Tribunal Sentencing. If found guilty of all 3 broken rules, you will be terminated and possibly banned depending on the severity of the broken rules. Auto Suspension.


The following will result in automatic suspensions:


Not wearing Clan tags.

Disrespect towards Fellow Clan Members.

Hacking or cheating.


Redeeming Yourself:


If you were convicted falsely and can provide substantial proof while suspended you may bring this to the 121gamers Leader who carried out your punishment.


If you were terminated and feel that you have changed. You can reapply to 121gamers after 1 month of termination.


If you were banned from 121gamers, you must get the approval of every TRUE member and Leader to remove the banning. Once removed you are on termination status and will have a chance to reapply after 1 month.


If you are Blacklisted you cannot rejoin 121gamers and there is no way around it. Blacklisting only happens in the most extreme cases and requires approval from all leaders.


Reason for rules: These rules may be harsh but they are very easy to follow. If you break them, it simply states that you do not have Trust, Honor, or Respect.

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